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Flying over Indianapolis

My roommate texted me one day during work and told us we were going to go flying with David. So we drove down to Greenwood Airport on a Tuesday night and flew with David.

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Fun Day at the Indianapolis Zoo

This was my first visit to the zoo in Indianapolis. I loved seeing all the animals and it made me want to go see them in the wild! Fun fact: apparently a lot of tigers are from Russia? Hm!

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Family photo session

How I got my family to all take an hour to get some nice family photos:

  • Set a date and time. We like to┬átalk about doing photos when we’re all together for the weekend, but it usually doesn’t happen. This time, I told everyone to be ready at 6:00pm on Saturday. Meet in the backyard.
  • Pick a color scheme. How about teal, white, navy? Everyone has those! Right?
  • Gotta have a tripod! I also liked having my remote.
  • Look adorable. My family got lucky :)
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