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A Blacksmithing Family

I was asked to photograph one of the most interesting family reunions back in June – the Morré family reunion. This family’s roots were in the blacksmithing industry. I had no idea that this craft and skill was still being passed down through families. Something impressive about this particular family is that EVERYONE knew what they were doing for the most part. Grandpa sat back giving directions while each of his children, grand children, and great-grandchildren created a basic “S” hook.

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Walden Wedding

It was a blessing to be able to shoot the wedding for one of my dearest friends – Liana!! I met her and her now-husband, Nathan, through Salt & Light Christian Fellowship while at Purdue. Even after my graduation, we stayed close friends. Liana is easily one of the most creative (and beautiful as you’ll see) people I know, and her wedding day was Pinterest-perfect (as I expected :] ).

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Ohlemiller Wedding

What an absolutely GORGEOUS and exciting way to start off wedding season. Jake and Janelle held their wedding and reception at Ross Camp which was a really cool place – less than 30 minutes away from Purdue campus in Lafayette. The first thing you see when you get on site is a charming little chapel that looks too good to be true. IT’S REAL, THOUGH! And that’s where the ceremony was held! Built in 1881, complete with a rope that you pull to ring the wedding bells.

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